Swimming pool

Swimming pool


Depending on the usage of the swimming pool, whether private, public or therapeutic; indoor or outdoor, we design and supply custom made solutions, using all applicable disinfection methods such as chlorination, ozonation, UV treatment, Hydrogen therapy or advanced oxidation (AOP). All systems are equipped with pH-control and -adjustment device.


Dosing of disinfection agents will be automatically performed by means of sensors upon variation of usage and demand.


Our supply pallet includes:


  • Special sand filters made of multi-layer laminated fiberglass reinforced polyester.
  • Automatic backwash systems for sand filters.
  • Unique in the world fully automatic central process control system for control and monitoring of swimming pool complexes based on BUS Technology and touch-panel system and possibility of remote access.
  • Cleaning robots for all pool types and sizes.
  • On site membrane electrolysis systems to produce high effective fresh disinfectant at place.
  • Photolysers to measure various parameters of water.
  • Pool covers for different pool forms and material.
  • Solar heating systems.

Using these modern design and equipment, up to 75% operating costs can be saved.



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Swimming pool


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